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Christina María Aguilera [ nə ː kɹɪsti əgɪlæɹə ] (* December 18 1980 in New York City ) is an American pop – singer , actress , producer , songwriter , dancer and four-time Grammy winner.
Aguilera is in Staten Iceland and grew up in New York City borough of Manhattan to. Her father, Fausto Aguilera Xavier Wagner, is from Ecuador , has commissioned officer in the U.S. Army and Vietnam veteran. He and her mother regularly beaten and abused. Her mother was therefore part as Aguilera was four or five years old. After the divorce she lived with her younger sister Rachel and her mother living with their grandmother in Pittsburgh . Her grandmother was the first person to Aguilera’s vocal skills noticed. Aguilera wanted to be a professional singer since childhood and admired by singers like Billie Holiday , Ella Fitzgerald , Etta James , Judy Garland , Madonna and Whitney Houston . They already took in talent competitions as a child and was in the neighborhood as the “little girl with the big voice known.
During her time in Pittsburgh, Aguilera sang the American national anthem before games of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Pirates . Her first major role in the entertainment industry, they took over in 1993, when, in the Disney Channel to the Mickey Mouse Club moderated. There she worked with other Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake . In 1994, the Mickey Mouse Show Aguilera set and started Demos take to get a record deal. Some of these demos as part of their future success under the title Just Be Free released against their will.
According to U.S. magazine Forbes in January 2007, Aguilera was among the richest women in show business world’s number 19 one.
Aguilera has since the 19th November 2005 the music producer Jordan Bratman married. On 12 January 2008, the pair of parents of a son.  In October of 2010, Aguilera announced the separation.
Aguilera was selected in 1998, the song Reflection for Disney – animated film Mulan sing. The song reached number 16 of the U.S. singles chart and was a Grammy Award Nominees. RCA Records Aguilera was in the same week a record deal.
Genie in a Bottle was the commercial breakthrough of Aguilera. The song was both in the radio than the record sales successfully. Their album Christina Aguilera was in the U.S. on 24th August 1999 published. It was in the U.S. more than eight million copies sold alone and was number one in the Billboard charts. Three single releases reached number one, a track from third place in the charts.
In February 2000, Aguilera was in the 42.Grammyverleihung the Grammy for Best New Artist , which is a surprise success since that time only the single Genie in a Bottle was decoupled. In addition, Aguilera met to compete with strong sales figures as Britney Spears , Kid Rock , or Macy Gray .
In 2000, Aguilera was the general trend and Latin-released her first Spanish- sung album Mi Reflejo . Then there are Spanish-sung versions of her debut, and additional Spanish songs. After one month, followed by the Christmas album My Kind of Christmas .
Despite the great success of her debut album, Aguilera was the music and the image dissatisfaction, the management kept their ready for them. At that time she was teen pop artist marketed as. Publicly, they announced that their next album musically and lyrically more depth than would have both. In this context, they separated after a lawsuit by her manager.
In 2001, Aguilera worked with Mya , Lil ‘Kim and Pink together and published Lady Marmalade . The song reached number one in many countries and won a Grammy for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals . It is the title song of the movie Moulin Rouge .
On 29 October 2002 was followed by a long delay, Aguilera’s second English- album Stripped . Most of the songs on the album were co-written by Aguilera, some of which have a biographical reference.
Musical influences on this album are Rhythm and Blues , Gospel , Soul , Hip-hop and even jazz (on Impossible , a collaboration with Alicia Keys ). In music criticism was stripped very favorably received and regarded as undoubted development Aguilera.
The new image of the young diva was, however, most American critics not well received as their initial PR as an innocent pop-child woman to the debut album: controversy, revealing and demonstrative sexualized outfits very excited at the video clip premieres and performances the public. They also settled for magazines such as Maxim , Rolling Stone and Cosmo Girl and half naked pictures of naked. She denied that this was done for publicity reasons, but they wanted to adjust their image of their personality.
This new image was in the U.S. some negative effect. Stripped reached in the U.S. charts only the top 5, despite the ultimate quadruple platinum award, and the single releases had only moderate success in the 20′s to 40-tiers of the Billboard Hot 100 , with the exception of the Grammy-winning ballad Beautiful , in the top 3 on the Hot 100 rising up. Stripped put the United States about four million copies in from. Worldwide LP was almost 9 million sales on the success of their debut album, the tie, which is very high performance in the music industry is, even the singles all reached almost everywhere Hitstatus. Their U.S. tour in 2003 (along with Justin Timberlake and The Black Eyed Peas as the opening act) was the Rolling Stone readers to the best of the year elected by.
During the MTV Video Music Awards in August 2003 came during the opening performance of Madonna and Britney Spears to each of the younger ones a kiss with the Queen of Pop. In the media, but saw only the kiss with Britney Spears for tabloid.
Aguilera took place in 2004 a shift towards a more adult image. She changed her hair color again, took the commercial song Hello for Mercedes-Benz , and presented for promotional purposes for the A-class of automobile manufacturers.
Ahead of the U.S. presidential elections, she was involved in a campaign that young people should go to the election. This they also emphasized in appearances on talk shows like that of Oprah Winfrey and a show on MTV , which she hosted. End of 2004, Aguilera released two singles, Car Wash from the soundtrack of the movie Shark – Small fish and Tilt Ya Head Back as a collaboration with Nelly , which were quite successful outside the U.S.. In November 2004, was also their first live DVD from a concert tour in the United Kingdom published. In December 2004 she presented her perfume Xpose before.
In February 2005 she was engaged to Jordan Bratman (born 1977), an American music producer known her, she on 19 November 2005 in Napa Valley , California , married. To work with Herbie Hancock – a cover of Leon Russell – In August 2005, received a Grammy nomination and two appeared together at the ceremony. Aguilera was also in the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland , where she When You Wish Upon a Star recited. She also worked with Andrea Bocelli on the song novios Somos together. The accompanying album Amore by Bocelli in 2006, published at the beginning.
Aguilera has indicated on many occasions their interest to become an actress. The roles offered to her by then she has refused. It refuses to take on roles that are similar to her or her character and continues to wait for suitable offers.
On 11 August 2006, Aguilera her third studio album titled Back to Basics . It includes the hit single Is not No Other Man and years of the music of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s influenced. Back to Basics was located 17 Nations in the first place position in the charts. It was followed by the ballad Hurt , continental Europe has been a huge success in. Aguilera then went to their back-to-Basics World Tour, of which it Europe , North America , Asia and Australia led. End of 2006, P. Diddy is a song with Aguilera, Tell Me . To date, there were no live performances to this song.
In early 2007, the third single from Candyman published. She could, like its predecessors single Hurt in the U.S. is not on the successes of the first single Is not No Other Man tie. In Australia and Oceania, but it was a great success.
At the end of 2008, Aguilera released her first greatest hits album Keeps Gettin ‘Better – A Decade of Hits . The first single was Keeps Gettin ‘Better . The German release date was the 24th October 2008.
From late 2009 to end of February 2010 turned Aguilera her first film Burlesque .
The work on her fourth studio album, Aguilera has already been completed by 2009 end. When Hope-for-Haiti-Now -fundraiser Aguilera unveiled a new song of the album ( Lift Me Up ), where she was accompanied Linda Perry on piano. The album entitled Bionic appeared on 8 June 2010. Advance was the single Not Myself Tonight , published on 1 Place 23 May 2010 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 debut. [5] Sales of Bionic remained far below expectations. Nearly 100,000 units were the first week in the U.S. sold. In another episode of this great flops, public interest was the planned tour for this album in 2011 moved to lack.

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